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Stainless steel polishing

One of our services is polishing stainless steel, this is officially the last part of a number of steps that are necessary to achieve the ultimate goal, which is achieving a (high) glossy result! 

Polishing is a profession in its own right. Polishing stainless steel is an accurate and labor-intensive process. If you want to have a shiny result, pre-processing is essential. There are three forms of polishing, which are:

  • Mirror polishing;
  • High-gloss polishing
  • mechanical polishing


Pre-processing is essential. The stainless steel is sanded during the preprocessing. During this process, any scratches and damage are removed from the stainless steel so that it can be polished optimally. When the preprocessing is over, polishing can be done.


After the preprocessing, we continue with pre-polishing. This must be done before we can move on to another form of polishing such as (high) gloss polishing or mirror polishing.


When the pre-polishing is finished, we can start the real work: Polishing! This can be mirror polishing, high gloss polishing or mechanical polishing. In this phase we will achieve the ultimate goal. A shiny end product. For this, we often use a soft flannel polishing disc in combination with yellow or white polishing paste.

How does stainless steel polishing work?

How exactly does stainless steel polishing work? What exactly is being done? During polishing, the stainless steel or aluminum is sanded completely smooth. This is done with different types of sandpaper. We start with coarse sandpaper and work towards finer sandpaper. This is done in small steps. When the sanding is done, the product can be made nice and shiny.

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